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I Look 10 Years Younger - Heathers Blog

I Produce my own Skin Care - And so can You!

My name is Heather and I'm pleased to be sharing this information with you. Let me start by saying that the wrinkle cure information that I'm about to give you is completely free. I am not selling an expensive product or subscription to some newsletter.

In fact, I'm not selling you anything. The best part is, it is so simple and inexpensive, it might make you laugh.

I'm writing this because I spent soooo much time and money trying to find a cure for my wrinkled face, only to be let down by false promises and horrible products that in some cases did more damage than good.

I feel so silly for spending all that time and money on stuff that doesn't work when all along the answer was right in front of me.

Recipe 1: Clean the wrinkled area with witch hazel. And apply the Honey Mask (recipe below) to the skin using fingers or a cotton ball. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.

Recipe 2: Apply my Herbal Moisturizer (recipe below) for a radiant glow all day.

I've provided the recipes below. I definitely want to hear from you try the treatment. I'm happy to provide the information for free. If you find the treatment valuable, and you feel like donating a little please click the paypal button.

You are in no way obligated to donate. Use the treatment for free. If it works, tell your friends. I'm hope to save women all over the world thousands on expensive creams and treatments. The answer can be very simple. How could I not share it?

And now I Present to You...The Recipes

Honey Mask

In a bowl, combine:

  • 3 Vitamin E Pills
  • 1 Half a Lemon
  • 1/2 Tsp Honey
  • 2 Tsp plain yogurt
  • 1 tsp Coconut oil

Mix this well and apply to the face or wrinkled area with cotton or your fingers. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well and apply moisturizer:


  • 1 Tbsp Tea tree oil
  • 2 Tbsp Aloe

Apply generously to the skin for a healthy glow.

Thanks again for visiting my site. If you found this information useful, feel free to maybe donate a little.

Other Tips for Healthy Skin

  • 1. Drink lots of water - 4 quarts of water a day recommended
  • 2. Cut back on drinking and smoking
  • 3. Maintain a healthy diet - Eat organic pesticide free foods. Stay away from oils, fats and sugars. Eat fruits and vegetables. Pineapple and apple juices as well as avocado are all good skin healthy foods.

Since I started using the Honey Mask and the Herbal Moisturizer regularly, my skin has undergone quite some changes. But most importantly, I have found a new confidence. I just feel better about myself.. For this alone I am eternally grateful. I hope that this site helps you too. Especially if you're in a rut and feel depressed about aging.

Thanks again for reading and passing on the info.

Stay Young!
Heather McBryant

7 Comments - Speak Your Mind

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Evelyn says:

Hey Heather! Thank you for talking about what has worked for you. I am going to try both of your recipes. Hopefully I will be as successful as you are. Wish Me Luck!!

Sunday, August 24th 10:38 PM

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Heather says:

Hi Evelyn! It's awesome to hear that you are going to give my custom skin rejuvenator a shot. I hope it will work as well for you as it did for me, and pray that you reach your healthy skin goal! Feel free to email me any questions you have!

Monday, August 25th 8:12 AM

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Cassie says:

Heather, I have been using your 2 step skin plan for 2 weeks now, and I seriously look 5 years younger! Not quite as good as you, but I'll take it when it was less than 10 bucks! My crows feet and laugh lines are melting away more and more everyday. Thank you so much for opening people's eyes to this plan...you are a genius!

Friday, August 29th 8:07 PM

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Heather says:

Cassie, it is so awesome to hear that you are getting some results with my little skin care plan. I guess me and my family aren't the only ones! I just hope it keeps working until you are able to look like you did when you were 21! Hahaha! And I'm not a genius ...I just got lucky ;)

Monday, August 29th 9:38 PM

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Hannah says:

Hey everyone, I am Heather's sister! Our whole family has been using these recipes by now. I really encourage anyone to give these a tray. There are so many skin care products out there that cost a lot of money without delivering any real effects. This one is for free, and we love it!

Thursday, September 18th 11:16 AM